Central Electoral Board (JCE) says it is on schedule to name polling places staff


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Feb 20, 2019

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) rejected a report to the contrary published in Listin Diario on 3 June 2020 and said that the institution has no difficulties at the local level for the makeup of the teams of officers that will work the polling stations for the presidential and congressional elections of 5 July

The director of elections, Mario Nuñez, said the JCE has a list of 222,000 people eligible to participate in the polling stations.

He said that for the presidential and congressional elections, 16,001 polling places will be opened, and to set them up, only 80,005 people will be needed from the 222,000 persons that have expressed their willingness to work.

The official indicated that the schedule for the organization of the election is being implemented.

The JCE rejected a report that had been published in the Listin Diario on 3 June that...
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