Chamber of Deputies needs to define its position on Chamber of Accounts by 9 June


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Feb 20, 2019

The president of the Chamber of Accounts elected during the Abinader administration wants to incorporate artificial intelligence to accelerate and increase the quality of the audits carried out on government institutions and agencies. Janel Ramirez says he has not been allowed to name the new auditors nor incorporate new technologies because only the plenary can give the go ahead. The Chamber of Accounts has suffered from strong differences of opinion of Janel Ramirez Sanchez and Mario Arturo Fernandez Burgos with the three women members of the organization — Tomasina Tolentino de McKenzie and Elsa Maria Peña.

According to Ramirez, one of the latest problems that have been generated within the plenary is the opposition to publishing how the members have voted, minutes of the meetings and the videos of the sessions.

“The majority criterion persists in continuing to operate under...

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