change shortage


New member
Aug 2, 2005
There has been a problem for a long time on the shortage of change. One story is that it is the childred savings that is causing the shortage. I myself dont think so.
it seems there is a big shortage of not only change but also 10 and 20 rd bills.

The story i heard that seems to make more sense is the government wanted to use more coins which is more practical than small bills...they did start with the new 25rd coin but then they stoped. the bills are getting ragged.

i understand that the government got the first shipment from the producer who was the Canadian Mint. They wanted more but the mint wanted paid for the first order before they shipped more. and still have not been paid...

just what i heard...but it does seem reasonable...because if they were paying for their shipments there is no reason that there is not sufficient coins to satisfy everyone including the banks and supermarkets.