Chinese Embassy in the D.R.?


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Mar 6, 2003
Is there a Chinese Embassy in the D.R.? If so, what is the address/location?
Does anyone know if an American needs a Visa to go to main land China? Thanks.


Apr 11, 2004
/ 15DEC10 / 1555 UTC

National U.S.A. (US)
Destination China (People's Rep.) (CN)

China (People's Rep.) (CN)

Passport required.
- Passport and/or passport replacing documents must be valid
on arrival.

Visa required, except for Tourists travelling in a group
organised by a Chinese international tour operator or

registered travel agency for a stay of max. 6 days.
China Consulate , Dominican Republic
# 952 Abraham Lincoln
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic


On Vacation!
Mar 6, 2003
A little correction?

My wife called the above number and it is for Taiwan. Taiwan has different requirements then the People's Republic of China, the mainland. She did find this while searching, as posted by Adrian on DR1 and all the information is still current.

Thanks for help.

Posted by Adrian Bye in 2002 but still accurate:

If you are looking to get a chinese visa and are in the Dominican Republic, you can do it inside the country. There is no chinese embassy or consulate in the DR (just for Taiwan). However there is a chinese development authority and they can issue Chinese visas. I called them and they were extremely helpful by phone.

Phone: 809-334-1843
Address: Avenida 2 Febrero #328
Edificio R5, quinto piso
Requirements for the visa:
- Passport
- Copy of the first page of the passport
- 2x2 photo
- photocopy of your cedula
- photocopy of your residency (min 3 years in the country)
- letter from your bank (apparently your bank will know what to write)
- letter from your work
- plane reservation
- hotel reservation

These requirements seem to apply equally for me as an Australia citizen and for a Dominican - they're basically 3rd world requirements for getting a visa.

I was trying to send my passport to the USA to get the visa -- except the chinese embassy in the USA won't receive passports by mail, so you have to use a 3rd party company to walk in the visa. Unfortunately mail services in the DR are not allowed to send passports to anyone except for an embassy, making this situation a little difficult. (the DR is one of the top countries for passport fraud, eg: Kim Jong-nam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

There have been previous posts on chinese visas in the DR on DR1 but they contained imcomplete and/or inaccurate information.

Additionally, this is the current phone for the taiwan embassy: 809-508-6200. This is unrelated to the chinese embassy and there are diplomatic issues between the two regions.