Chinese (Loncin) vs India (TVS) vs Taiwanese (Sym) Pasolas


Oct 26, 2005
I did my usual round of pasola price checks (research !) around Sosua and Puerto Plata yesterday, I don't think I ever end up buying one but like to think I am (LOL) !?

These are no haggled prices for new pasolas from shops, they said 500 for placa+500 for title+500 insurance should be added. Generally though they said no discount or may be just a mill !? (yeh right)

The Loncin 125cc 49k, 150cc 47k, strangely the 150 is cheaper (!?), the 150cc is the bigger pasola type with bigger wheels, you see a lot of yellow ones of these around town, they look good. Both Loncins have 2 back shock-absorbers that I like and I heard these are the better of the Chinese imports.

The Indian TVS comes in 90cc and 110cc, from 43k and up (a few mill more for the 110 engine I think), only one back shocks. (I rented an original Honda in another country with one back shock-absorber and it was really unstable on the bends, I was lucky once or twice, so try to stay away from those).

These come with only 1 month warranty (some confident !?).

In (the official Sym agency - Taiwanese) shop the Sym 125cc is 60k, the 150cc is way higher 85K I think (bigger and different technology/engine etc. I am told - funny enough only one back shock!). But the 125cc has 2 shocks at the back. The guy reckons these are a lot better than your usual Chinese and Indians and he gives 6 month warranty and said he can get any parts I need direct from the manufacturer. He said you can easily do 90+ Kph on the road with the 125 (but who knows - I heard most of these struggle with 80Kph).

They all have plastic panels and your usual cheap bike story all around, I have no idea about their engines or gear spec, consumptions etc., it's hard to get any info on the web for these and the sellers don't have a clue or just don't want to get into the details, any info, links or experience is appreciated.

I am open to a used option, but so far found them not a good deal, either have documents missing or in someone else's name and/or asking high prices, or really run-down.

A few people mentioned I should go to Moca, but I thought you get a good used car deal there, is it also true for pasolas ? Of course I think SD is the best but that is too far a trek for cheap pasola - by the way I am not interested in the Yamahas and the more expensive Japanese ones. I know very well they are great and far superior (apple and oranges), but I set my budget. As my friend says, buy the cheapest one as it will be stolen in a year or two, so what's the point on spending more !? (I'm not that cynical but don't want to spend too much.)