Chulo tried to rip me off


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Mar 25, 2013
For those who wanted to see me post something negative here it is.

This is old news, happened about four weeks ago now.

Was having my day at the beach. Decided to stop at a different place named Chulo's for lunch. I ordered a basic burger. Burger came out and the meat only covered 1/3 a bun. Yes it was one of the ridiculous buns that is about 25% too big to begin with but I'm not kidding when I say the meat really only reached across 1/3 of it. So I called the boy running the food to the table and he called the owner/manager who said he would take it back and bring me another one. No problem. So far I'm happy. Get my new burger and everything is good.

Later we get the bill and my burger is on their twice. Again I call the food runner and he gets the owner. The owner says I made you two burgers. I said yes but the first one was no good and you had to take it back.

I was talking calmly and respectfully as I always suggest we should start out. Normally that would get me exactly what I want and in most cases the owner would have already said by now no problem, I'll take that off the bill.

Instead he looked at me again and said I cooked two burgers. At this point I know he is just playing me so now I am p*****. My wife who is Dominican is too at this point. The whole conversation has been in Spanish so she knew exactly what I said and he said.

At this point she starts to lay into him as do I. Finally I gave him exactly what was on the bill minus $200 pesos (the price of one burger) and said you need to take this because I'm not paying for that garbage you brought out the first time.

He took it, said OK and left. I gave the food runner $100 tip. It wasn't his fault.

So that was a negative situation but I still got what I wanted in the end. I paid exactly what I should have paid, what was fair. So it was a problem but it was one that got resolved. I didn't actually get ripped off in the end.

Unfortunately, it didn't get resolved without yelling. Most of the time I don't need to yell. This was a rarity and I didn't start the process by yelling and acting like a jerk.

Normally if I give people a chance they will fix the mistake but he wasn't budging.

So my advice is to stay away from that place.


Jul 9, 2010
I feel ya. You wonder if they think that you are that stupid or they like to act dumb or just don't care. The attitude is sometimes very puzzleing. You wonder why he would give you the small burger in the first place. Probably he was trying to cut his costs and played the odds you would not complain. How many other customers had the same problem? I guess you will not be going back anytime soon.



Feb 9, 2012
For a rainy day it sure is quiet here. I thought everyone would be face first in their screens.


Sep 27, 2006
you bore me. i expected so much from this title. it could have been the story of the week, man.
oh well. the only uplifting part is that someone in DR has a food establishment named CHULO. a bright spot in otherwise dull story.


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Mar 23, 2013
"A man's trash is another man's treasure". While some people don't appreciate this story, I am glad I read it, and I appreciate it. So... when I am in DR next time, and I see this place, I know what to expect.
By the way, cjp2010, If I were you, I would have not returned the burger, and eat it when they added the extra meat, because when restaurant's employees are annoyed with you, they may do all kinds of nasty things to that food before serving it to you. Food for thought.


Dec 13, 2007
You sent food back and then did not expect a problem I would have either ate it or not never send food back you get the special sauce treatment !!