Circunvalacion Norte in a bad shape?


Dec 5, 2013
Just checking if anyone else has seen the same... We've been quite a few times in HOMS from POP this year and yesterday when we were there, I noticed that compared to the condition about a month ago (the reason I'm posting this... roads being generally speaking an embarrassment here is something I'm used to already...), the asphalt on Circunvalacion is partly in a very very bad shape. There are large holes on the right lane... The "bumps" on the left lane are worse than ever... And this on a toll road... Despite of driving slowly due to this, we came back with a left front tire that I can now go throw in trash... We have damaged two tires on the same strech... The Autopista Joaquin Balaguer from Santiago to Navarrete has been in a terrible shape forever, I know how to drive there and we've never damaged a tire there, but this toll road was a surprise to me...


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Jun 28, 2004
Let's not "presume" the toll monies are not being used for repairs. :)