Civil registry and public health to take actions to improve Covid-19 death registry


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Feb 20, 2019

The top officials of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) and Ministry of Public Health met on 14 September 2021 to agree on ways to improve government death statistics. Ramón Jaquez Liranzo, president of the JCE that manages the country’s civil registry, and Public Health Minister Daniel Rivera that manages Covid-19 statistics, met after the controversy unleashed by the publishing of a report by health journalist Altagracia Ortiz in Hoy on differences between stats reported by the JCE and those in the Covid-19 epidemiological reports issued daily by the Ministry of Public Health. The meeting took place at the JCE headquarters.

The JCE had registered 8,656 deaths by Covid-19, while the Ministry of Public Health had reported 4,014 deaths by Covid-19 for 9 September 2021.

The officials of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) and the Ministry of Public Health told...

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