Claro "Hotspot"??


Jun 28, 2008
Hola folks,
I have been using a Claro "aircard" for internet access for about two years now. It has been very good for us. Does anyone know if Claro offers a "hotspot" product yet?
While I have been in the states, Verizon offers a small "black cube" device that serves solely as an "internet hotspot" in which you can connect up to 5 or 6 wireless "WIFI" laptops (or desktops) for internet connectivity. Also I have the new Android (G3) and the last software update enables this to be a WIFI hotspot. Very very kewl! While in the DR, it's just sort of a pain to move the Claro dongle from machine to machine.
So....Anything like this in the DR yet?
Thanks in advance for any info!