CLARO movil wireless in the Campo


Aug 5, 2007
I'm in the campo, no landline available, but the CLARO tower is only a kilometer away, on a hilltop visible to my hilltop.
I've had CLARO wireless with the old Alcatel USB modem (silver color, playing card size) for several years.
At a normal speed of 256KB it's been only tolerable, especially after using ORANGE, but it rotted out.
CLARO replaced it with a "more modern" USB modem, white with blue piping, size of a small USB memory stick.
This ran at 2MB for a day or so, then cut down to a steady 128KB, which causes most transmissions to time out.
Clearly the modem is capable of good speeds, but the server is speed limiting me for good after a fixed byte count.

The CLARO 220 helpdesk telno basically said, "Well, that's the way it is".
The local CLARO "agency" of course couldn't help.
I stood in line for more than one hour at the big city CLARO, then had a more than one hour standup interview.

The kids there are great, unflappable and courteous. Initially they tried the "well, that's the way it is" approach.
My case got "escalated" to a supervisor who "escalated" to a manager who "escalated" to the head office in SD.

The upshot became "Wait until March 8th, it will all get better", but I fear "better" means a 1-2 day spike followed by a cutback to a steady 128KB, because they modified my contract to one that's speed limited after a certain byte count.

I've paid 2,042 Pesos/month for several years for an "illimitado" contract with a lousy 256KB with which I can at least get most of my work done. I asked if they may have changed the terms of my contract with the replacement of the old modem ? they couldn't answer. Nor could they answer if these days they had another, even more expensive wireless contract with a better service.

Next "escalation" would be to Carlos Slim. I came instead to DR1. Can anyone help me with the following questions:

1. Has anyone replaced the Alcatel USB modem with the white/blue stick, and what happened?
2. What's with March 8? Has CLARO got a system do-over coming?
3. What steady (not initial) wireless speeds are you getting from <u>CLARO</u> in the campo, and for how much a month?
4. Do you know of any better CLARO offerings for USB modem <i>wireless</i> in the campo?


Pro-Bono Demolition Hobbyist
Jul 24, 2004
It slowed down because you exceeded the bandwidth you bought. It is what it is.

"Unlimited" doesn't mean you have 2mb speeds 24/7/365. It means you have 2mb until a bandwidth cap has been reached.

All the companies are like that, pretty much, with their banda ancha variations. I think Orange may be the exception with the "flybox." Maybe others have more specifics...


Aug 5, 2007
It slowed down because you exceeded the bandwidth you bought. It is what it is.

". . . you have 2mb until a bandwidth cap has been reached....
Thanks for responding, but I made clear that I understand the bandwidth type of contract which I did NOT have for the several years of prior use until they had to replace their corroded modem. Even if that were the case, the floor rate should not have been cut from 256 to 128 for the same monthly bill as I had for several years.

Thank you for your answer, but please read my request again carefully and give it some careful consideration.
Really appreciate it.

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
I just switched from the stick to the HUAWAI B260a modem and had an antenna installed b/c I am not in sight of a tower.

The signal is always perfect now . steady and strong.

The internet availability on the hand is still as inconsistent as hell.... it is what it is.
Sometimes just flatulence blows through sysytem no matter what instrument you use.

In response to my complaints, I am told that CLARO is converting to fiberoptics........... maybe thats what will happen on March 8th??? Hope so.