Clean up in Education

Aug 21, 2007
I am posting this here, but I would bet it is happening all around the country. Mods feel free to move it if you feel it is pertinent.

I was told today that our district director and many of the school directors were suspended for two months without pay for allowing teachers to live and work in the US, pay less than minimum wage to a substitute who was not qualified, and receive their salary here in the DR.

With the PRM there were 15 teachers also suspended. I do not know if they are able to return. With PLD there were 5. And this is in little Jamao.

Typically I keep my nose to the ground, mind my own business and stay far from politics, all while knowing that this fraud was going on. Today I will say I applaud the President for his stand on corruption.


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Dec 12, 2006
The last time the president required government employees to show up in person for paychecks, did that include teachers?