Cleaning up Boca Chica


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Jan 26, 2019
I know, it was also in the planning but I don't know how that is gonna work.
It's fairly deep in front of the building plus there's a fairly strong current.
Of course it can be done but at what cost? ;)

Swimming is risky there. I am a good experience open water swimmer. And I can say that swimming in this spot is not a good idea.
It was one of the reasons why we decided against living in JD.


Apr 1, 2013
Swimming is risky there. I am a good experience open water swimmer. And I can say that swimming in this spot is not a good idea.
It was one of the reasons why we decided against living in JD.

Ok. Im not an expert hehhee.


Oct 6, 2018
Apparently there is a little gang cleaning going on there too.
One dead 'goat'.

Maybe they should focus on getting rid of the criminal gangs also, and not only the old shacks on the beach.

If they by accident shoot tourists in the bars over there, me think it could initiate bad press coverage.

The below maybe sounds worse than in reality, but hey they fired inside a touristy bar....
Happened to me in Sosua many years ago also, we took cover inside the kitchen when we realised that real bullets were coming our direction. Did not do anything to the reputation of the town, two dominicans fighting and shooting in the street PC outside El Flow. People only laughed afterwards, happy not to be hit.

Back to the Boca Chica shooting

A young man nicknamed El Chivo was killed by a stranger last night in the presence of dozens of foreigners who were in the place.
In the surroundings of the place where the Chivo fell down, there are several supermarkets, variety stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, among other businesses that are visited by local and foreign tourists who visit the town of Boca Chica.

Look, don't mention me, but in this place that we are there is a strong crime, people being attacked both day and night, despite a large presence of police and members of Cestur who do nothing to protect us, said a fast-food vendor.

JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
I used to live in Boca Chica, but I don't remember an Avenida Caracol. Anybody have an idea?

Joe Boots

Jun 16, 2008
Contact Lawrence at the Boat House and you'll get the info you need and he has rooms for you.

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I always visit the Boat House. Great place.

Joe Boots

Jun 16, 2008
They are already there.

The man selling the nurse sharks said he caught them just up the beach. Nurse sharks are great to dive with because they are typically docile and rarely attack.
May not have big teeth, but mind you they give you a nasty suck bite! LOL ever see the video on YouTube idiot diver kissing shark. OMG