CODEINE abuse by children, teenagers and young adults. Is your child affected?

J D Sauser

Nov 20, 2004
I would like to invite any parents who have found medicines containing CODEINE (an opioide) being used by their children's, teenager's or young adults, to contact me directly by PM to discuss. A typical medication which is being produced and sold here in the DR is NEXAR... being prescribed "for pain management". Codeine is the second ingrediente and makes the drug addictive.

Some Latin American countries are seeing a rapidly growing abuse epidemic of codeine and codeine containing drugs by children, teenagers and young adults.
It is often mixed with alcoholic drinks and sweet juices (to overcome the flavor). Others heat the crushed drug up over a flame and inhale the vapors for an immediate and stronger effect.
It creates an initial "high" but soon turns into habit forming lethargy, loss of interest, loss of general performance.
If your child is suddenly declining or failing in school, loosing interest in their hobbies and family interaction, becoming "couch or bed potatoes", preferring to "hide" in their bedroom day and night, you might want to check for those pills.
Some is being PRESCRIBED by doctors here in the DR for "pain".
I know of several cases around one of my daughter's entourage (16 to 18 year olds) and it has affected my daughter (18) too. They start using them experimenting with partying and alcohol consumption. One brings it in and they get hooked very fast. Since there is no injections or smoking, it's difficult to "catch".

I seek to exchange experiences and also find common sources.
I'll be glad to meet up and form parent groups and help finding legal representation if needed.

Please PM. I will not discuss this further here in public.
Thanks!... J-D.