Colegio Dominicano - Americano - Reviews?


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Jun 15, 2008

My step-daughter (Dominican) lives in the Dominican Republic and will be entering high school. I want her to have a great education and be bilingual when she graduates and be able to come to the US to study if she chooses.

I've read all the posts and the list of schools with IB, SACU (?) accredidation, etc.

What do you think are some of the best schools (that are around $5,000USD)? Any experiences with sending children to el Colegio Dominicano-Americano?


The Hoagster


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May 2, 2009
Does she speak any English now? I am a teacher here in a accredited High School and all the instruction is purely in English. If she does not speak it now it may be really difficult (or impossible) to get her accepted to some of the schools.

I know that MCSchool MCSCHOOL has a spanish private high school next door that is really good MI Collegio. Maybe she can learn the English while studying 9th grade there and transfer in 10th.

I teach at night at the Dominicano-Americano university in the Bachelor and Masters degree programs for teachers. It also in all taught in English.
they are a respectable school and accredited.

I am going to post a listing of all the accredited schools. You will want to use them as they are the ones that will allow her to be accepted in colleges and US and Europe.