Collares Rojos


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Jan 12, 2010
I just wanted to share some information on an amazing organization. Collares Rojos is based out of Bayahibe, and work diligently in helping control the population of street animals. Not only do they organize spay/neuter clinics, castrating and vaccinating as many as 50 stray animals in a weekend, they also rescue sick and injured animals and provide them with the medical care that they need. They are truly making a difference for these animals, and I have had the pleasure of watching them put all of their care and energy into improving the lives of street animals, and even being able to volunteer with them. They are now branching out of Bayahibe and performing clinics in Veron, which have been a great success. They are always appreciative of any donations (financial or supplies) and you can check out their work on their Facebook page and website. A great organization making a big difference :)