Colleges In Santiago


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Nov 20, 2005
What are the best colleges in Santiago? Does anyone know if they offer financial aid? I'm very fluent in English, Spanish, and know some Italian. I was wondering if anyone knows how the Dominican college system works compared to the mundane, and highly Liberal bull**** of American colleges. I had to drop out a few months into it because everything was just so repetitive and a HUGE waste of money.

Any help will be appericiated. I'm primarily interested in Law.


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Jan 2, 2002
PUCMM is the school to go to for Law in Santiago.

I am not sure about financial aid - but compared to the cost of an education in a US University it is very reasonable.

When I was studying at PUCMM - the liberalism depended on the professor and the topic, I had a very great economics professor who was liberal but not a bleeding heart love the world kind. He was as we used to tease him the realist liberal - "respect one another - do not accept corruption - but remember where you are".