Community Collaboration for the most Fragile

Aug 21, 2007
We at Strength for the Journey believe that when people and community organizations work together for the benefit of all, everyone becomes stronger.

Currently, our non-profit is providing transportation for a project taking place with the Minister of Health, our city hall, and the Jamao Emergency Committee for Corona Virus. Doctors and nurses travel to the small outlying communities in the mountains of Jamao to provide exams, medical assistance, and medicine to the most fragile of the population, the aged, the bed-ridden, and those who are too poor or are physically unable to travel to the hospital.

Every 2 or 3 months, the medical team returns to check on these patients and any others who may need medical help. This work is all on a volunteer basis and involves much risk, as one never knows what contagious desease the patient may have. However, it serves as evidence that every person in Jamao is valued.

This is just one of the several projects Strength for the Journey has undertaken during this time when schools are closed and we are unable to teach classes.

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