Completed timeline for Canadian PR


Jan 23, 2007
It would be nice to have a thread going for everyone who has already completed their sponsorship and can provide details on their timelines.

This way we can see how things have been changing over the past couple of years. This information right now is in so many different places, it would be nice to see it all in one spot.

If you have gone through the Sponsorship process and would like to help others with providing your timeline, please share.


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Mar 8, 2006
Married October 06
Sent papers to Mississauga Jan 30, 2007
Approved as sponsor March 3 2007
Started processing in Haiti April 2007
Interview June 12, 2007
Visa received June 25, 2007
Arrived in Montreal July 1st, 2007


Jan 2, 2002
I'm going to make this a sticky so as people finalize their visa process they can post the details here.


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Aug 19, 2005
Hi Lexi, here is my completed timedline as requested. Good luck to anyone who is going through this right now!

May 9,07 Sent application to C.R.C.
June 13,07 Accepted as Sponsor
July 25,07 Haiti wrote to say it was in process
Nov 28,07 Interview in Santo Domingo, requested more info surrounding his birth cert.
Dec 5,07 Sent new info and passport
Dec 14,07 Said they couldn't find kids medicals
Dec 17,07 Found kids medicals
Dec 24,07 Status changed....medicals recieved...Decision made
Jan 10,08 Arrived here in Canada.


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Sep 29, 2004
Hi, here is my timeline
Aug 19/06 got married
Jan 1st/07 Send application to CRC
Feb /07 Recieve application back.. Wants the kids medical as well
March /07 Send application to CRC again
April /07 Accepted as Sponsor
May 5th/07 Status changed to "In process"
July /07 Recieve letter (want more documents and more proof, more more more)
Aug /07 Sent originals (not translated but fully legalized of everything, kept copies)
Nov 26/07 Interview in Santo Domingo (needs to get another police cert.)
Nov 30/07 Delivers certificate directly at Sto Domingo's embassy.
Dec /07 Status changed to recieved medical (even if was 2nd already)
Jan 09/08 Gets call to pick up papers. (recieves visa)
Feb 10/08 Arrives here in Canada.


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Apr 11, 2004
My time line

Nov 22 05 - Married
July 15 06 - Did his medical examination in Santo Doming
August 1 06 - Sent FED EX to Case Processing in Toronto
August 4 06 - They recieved it
Sept 18 06 - They approved me to sponsor
Nov 17 06 - They started processing in Haiti
April 17 07 - Website stated Medical exam has been reviewed
April 30 07- Email sent to Silvestre stating to drop off his passport in SD
May 3 07 - He dropped it off and they said they will call in 3 to 4 weeks
May 14 07 - Website stated DISICION MADE they will call him with disicion
May 24 07 - He was called to get his Passport/visa in Santo Domingo
May 26 07 - He flew to Canada and became Permanent Residence.

I started sponsoring my husband Aug 2006 I was living in the Dominican Republic when I sponsored him.
He has now been in Canada for 1 full year and we have a 3month old baby..IT Took EXACTLY 9months and I never called to bother the embassy I just waited to hear from them....


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Aug 13, 2007
Final Time Line:

October 2006 – Application submitted

November 2006 – Approved as sponsor

May 2007 – In process (Online Status Updated)

August 2007 – Received letter requesting additional documents. Relationship proof, original copies of birth and marriage certificates, photocopy of my passport showing additional entry/exit stamps, explanation letter for my daughters late birth registration, and hospital records, and new police certificate.

December 2007 – Received letter requesting we undergo DNA testing.

April 2008 – Received a call from the embassy requesting my wife, and daughter bring in their passports. The next day they did that, the embassy told them they didn’t want their passports, but instead they gave her a letter dated March 2008, requesting they redo their medical exam, and obtain a new police certificate.

July 2008 – My wife received a call asking why she hasn’t dropped off her passport. She explained the situation back in April when she tried too, and how they wouldn’t take it. Never-the-less she went and dropped off the passports.

August 2008 – My wife and daughter both picked up their passports with their visas issued, process complete.


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May 24, 2006
I'm happy to finally be able to post our completed timeline:

Oct 10/07 - married
Nov 20/07 - application mailed
Nov 22/07 - application rec'd at CPC Mississauga
Dec 12/07 - approved as sponsor
Dec 18/07 - rec'd letter stating I was approved as sponsor
Jan 31/08 - application In Process (although we didn't know until April)
April 4/08 - meeting with my MP - they sent an email requesting status update
April 21/08 - MP's office sends second request and receives an email stating that the application was rec'd and it is in the queue and currently being paper screened
April 22/08 - Haiti sends a letter requesting original marriage cert and copy of his birth cert
May 5/08 - my husband rec'd the letter from Haiti
May 7/08 - new documents sent to Haiti
May 9/08 - new documents rec'd in Haiti and my husband sent an email via their website requesting a confirmation of receipt of documents
May 16/08 - rec'd email from Haiti confirming receipt of new documents
July 25/08 - called MP's office to request a status update
July 29/08 - Haiti emailed MP stating they are ready to issue the visa. They also call my husband's home to tell him the same thing.
July 31/08 - my husband will go to Santo Domingo to drop off passport
Aug 18/08 - rec'd call to pick up passport
Aug 20/08 - picked up passport
Sept 13/08 - landed in Canada

Throughout the whole process the CAS website never once was updated under my client id. If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me.

Best of luck to everyone going through the process.
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Mar 18, 2004
3 years ago

Jan 25/05 - married
Mar 2005 - application mailed
April 2005 - application returned, missing one signature, returned immediately to Mississauga
May 2005 - approved as sponsor
Sept 2005 - husband received call for interview
Nov 2005 - 8 weeks to the day after interview, husband called to pick up passport in Sano Domingo
Dec 12/2005 - husband & step-son landed at Dorval -22 C


Jan 23, 2007
March 3rd/08 - Application received by Immigration (Mississauga)
March 25th/08 - Approved to Sponsor - papers sent to Haiti
April 24th/08 - Status changed to "In Process" in Haiti on CIC website
August 4th/08 - E-mail to my husband asking for Original Birth Certificate & Marriage Certificate & Passport
August 8th/08 - My husband dropped of the papers & Passport at the Embassy
October 6th/08 - CIC website changed to Decision made
October 7th/08 - The Embassy in Santo Domingo called to say come in at 1pm on Wednesday to pick up your Visa/Passport
October 8th/08 - Picked up Passport/Visa - No problems
October 11th - Arrived in Canada!!


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Aug 26, 2008
well here is my completed timeline
not that long in coming,
but seemed like an eternity

Dec 29 married in Punta Cana
Feb 22 sent papers for sponsorship to Canada
Feb 26 they CIC received the application
March 18 approved as sponsor and papers sent to Haiti
May 9 Haiti started Processing
Oct 6 Interview at the consulate
Nov 3 got the call to pick up Visa for Nov 5
Nov 5 tommorow picks up Visa at 900 am
Nov 7 arrives in Toronto Canada

i will keep you posted as to his arrival

this process took almost 8 months
7 months and a few weeks

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Jul 23, 2007
Wife to Canada

February/08 - Approved to Sponsor - papers sent to Haiti
November 11th - Arrived in Canada

Just posting start time and end time. I experienced several glitches along the way, that if they had not been sorted out, would have meant a much longer wait.

How did they get sorted out?

I went public with the entire process, and wrote regular blog updates on this website,, where I am Managing Editor.

I had help from Brant MP Lloyd St. Amand and help from Andy Jaques, a friend, who is Trade Commissioner for Canada at the embassy in Santo Domingo.

Please feel free to read about the saga in great detail on my blog, which can be accessed on, either by going to the logo, or using the search function.

Would love to hear comments. My daughter, who was born in the DR when I lived there, is on top of the world. Ditto for my wife, Deyanira, and me, of course.


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Jan 21, 2008
Feb 4th 2008 Did medical examination in Puerto Plata
Feb 21 2008 documents received in Mississauga
march 7 start processing
March 17 husband approved as sponsor
April 22 started processing PR application in Haiti
July 24th received call from Haiti telling me to drop passport, then tells me to not do it, cause i need to do additional medical test and to wait for further instruction
August 11 SD embassy called to pick up some documents
August 13 went to SD to Pick up documents, gave me a letter saying i have to do additional medical test and also gave me back some supporting documents like pics, emails etc.
August 18 did medical examination in Puerto Plata, sent the medical receipt to Haiti.
November 19 received a called from IO telling me to drop the passport on next day.
November 20 gave them my passport, no Interview !
December 4th Passport in my hands with visa issue :)


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Jul 5, 2007
January 26/2007- Married in Puerto Plata
March 12/2007 - Mailed application
March 15/2007 - Documents recieved in Mississauga
April 2/2007 - Approved as sponsor
May 10/2007 - Haiti posts "IN PROCESS"
December 12/2007 - Letter from Haiti "PAPER SCREENING APPLICATION"
January 19/2008 -Medical expire
Febuary 6/2008 - MP recieves e-mail to redo medical and police cert
March 7/2008 - Sent medical and police cert again
March 10/2008 - Haiti recieved them UPS
April 24/2008 - Haiti sent e-mail to MP doing background check
June 10/2008 - Haiti sent e-mail to MP doing National Secruity check
July 9/2008 - Haiti calls my husband for interview
July 17/2008 - My husband and me go to the interview, they give
back the application,they no longer need it. Process is
done, waiting for visa.
August 8/2008 - Haiti sends letter needing police service employment
sheet. ( my husband worked for the police)
September 12/2008 - Went to MP for an update, e-mailed Haiti but
need to wait for elections to be over
November 10/2008 - Went to MP again for help. Needed to write down
everything that happend from day one, she is
now calling down to Haiti
November 24,2008 - Haiti tells MP another 14 -18 months
December 8/ 2008 - Haiti calls my MP, visa was issused
Decemeber 18/2008 - Haiti calls my husband to come to Santo Domingo
to pick up visa
December 19/2008 - My husband picked up visa
December 19/ 2008 - Bought ticket to come to Canada!!!!!
December 25/2008 - Arrives in Canada Christmas day!!!! :bunny:

Just to let everyone know, my husband worked for the police so they need to do more background checks which takes longer. In total it took 22 months to complete the process, but it's finally over. Good luck to everyone else in the process . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!! ;)

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Jan 28, 2004
Well... almost four years ago when I sponsored my husband I prayed every day that he would get here before the weather turned chilly (I'm talking cool nights... I was worried if he arrived in snow he get on the next plane home). I have been in POP and have seen people wearing winter parkas when I've been wearing a tank top!

Here is my timeline for my when my husband came (to Toronto, Canada):

Feb. 14/05 - married
Mar. 1/05 - submitted paperwork to Mississauga
April 1/05 (aprox.) - received confirmation letter re sponsor
June 16/05 - husband had visa in hand. No interview.
July 15/05 - husband arrives in Toronto.

We were extremely lucky with our timeline and I thank God every for making that happen. Don't know what we did right but we were never asked for any additional info, pics, certificates, etc. My only advice to people to make things go speedy is to read the guide at LEAST 5 times before you start. Make everything perfect. Have your spouse do all their necessary paperwork just before the wedding so that when you go for the wedding you can get them to sign everything, get their pics, etc. so you can submit as soon as you get home. Don't use a lawyer. You need to be in control.

Good luck to everyone (Canadian or otherwise)!


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Sep 24, 2003
here is my timeline ....we are not married we do it on the common-law partner

Sent papers to Mississauga: feb 25, 2008
Approved as sponsor: april 1, 2008
Started processing in Haiti: april 24, 2008
they are ready to issue the visa , called me 2 time: july 24, 2008
drop off his passport: july 31,2008
called to get his Passport/visa :aug 18 ,2008
picked up passport/visa: aug 20, 2008
Arrived in Canada: nov 16, 2008

process time: 5 month and +/- 3 week


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Jan 25, 2006
Here is my time so long waiting.thankfully!

Sent papers to Mississauga: July 19, 2008
Approved as a sponsor: August 19, 2008
Processing in Haiti: November 11. 2008
Called to drop off passport/email as well: Feb 2, 2009
Dropped of passport: Feb 3, 2009
Called to pickup passport on Feb 17, 2009
Picked up passport: Feb 18, 2009

My husband, baby boy and I are moving back to Canada at some point in march, were not sure yet the exact date cause we need to sell our car and other stuff.

The process took almost 7 months in total. No interviews and no additional info was requested.

Good Luck to All and I pray for speedy processes for everyone!!!!


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Mar 1, 2008
Start Nov 2007
Gong Show
Finish Mar 2009

15 Months total more or less. Started smoothly then they asked for primary school documents that really hung us up. I don't think I have mine nevermind hers from a third world country. We never did produce them for they school records were destroyed by insects. We just got a letter from a principal

Background, No children, close in age. both "professionals". I use that word loosely for I am a

Tips for newbies. Do not try to plan your life around something you can not control in any way shape or form. I was lucky buy a little apartment in Santo Domingo and visit alot which made it not quite as difficult.

Thank you for all your support. This site is full of supportive and very kind people

thank you


(she flies into Tononto next Monday)


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Oct 2, 2008

Mar 08- Application sent to CIC-M
Mar 08- Received initial approval.
Apr 08- In process Haiti.
Aug 08- Letter from Haiti requesting original birth certificate and marriage license.
Mar 4, 09- Call for medical redo.
Mar 15, 09- Call to drop off passport.
Apr 3, 09- Received passport with Visa.

Good luck to all.


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Sep 15, 2008
- Married February 16,2008
- Sent our completed application in to Mississauga May 12th, 2008
- Approved as a sponsor and sent to the overseas office for processing June 17th, 2008
- Haiti started processing our application on October 23rd,2008
- Call from our MP saying visa was granted, no interview required. March 10th, 2009
- My mother in law had to go to Haiti on March 30th, 2009 to pick up visa for us ( medicals were about to expire and there was no diplomatic bag going out until after they would have been expired )
- My wife arrived to Toronto, Canada on March 31st, 2009 and arrived to Alberta just after midnight