Conani left out of petition to merge Coral and Coral 5G cases


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Feb 20, 2019

State prosecutors (Pepca) did not include Greybby Cuello, the former director of Conani, among those accused in the Coral and Coral 5G cases, Diario Libre points out when covering the indictment presented by the Pepca in the Coral (Cusep) and Coral 5G (Cestur) cases. The prosecutors suggested merging the Cusep and Cestur cases.

The Conani case that involves many of the same accused persons is left out. A recent Chamber of Accounts audit revealed the same methods used to drain state funds at the Specialized Corps for Touristic Security (Cestur) were used at Conani during the four months Cuello was the director. The same people accused in the Coral 5G and Coral cases, acted in the Conani corruption case.

Before being appointed to Conani, Greybby Cuello held the position of director of events and projects at the office of former President Danilo Medina since 2012. Greybby...

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