Conape announces new programs for seniors


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Feb 20, 2019

The Abinader administration announces a program that will help families care for the elderly. Cardiologist Jose García Ramírez is the new director of the National Council for Aging Persons (Conape), the agency responsible for seniors.

Dr. Ramírez says the program will pay families to take in elderly. The innovative program is “Hogares con Cariño” (Homes with Love) will provide economic incentives to families that take in older adults uprooted from their biological families.

Dr. Ramírez says he will also carry out informational campaigns so that the entire population becomes knowledgeable on Elderly Protection Law 352-98.

Dr. García replaced Nathalie Maria Hernández, who had directed the Consejo Nacional de la Persona Envejeciente since its start.

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