Concerns about travelling in August


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Jun 7, 2003
In the Buisness forum I replied to a post by samiam, which was responded to by Hillbilly. In those posts both posters indicated that there may be trouble after the Pan Am games. I am most concerned about the comments made by Hillbilly, as his posts are considered "gospel" on this board. His mention of "hell breaking loose" and the "street talking" about more "dead" have made me re-think my plans for the short term. I have gotten no response to my concerns, possibly due to the fact that they were posted in the wrong forum. I would appreciate any info available regarding those issues mentioned in the thread named "After PanAms,what?" in the buisness forum. Possibly, Rob or the moderator should consider moving the thread for all to see.



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Jan 2, 1999
Don't worry, come on down.

Very few of these incidents ever effect tourists or visitors. They are usually isolated to "hot" barrios.

All you might notice is heavt traffic in a particular area as people avoid driving in and out of that particular barrio.

As a tourist or "gringo" I doubt you will ever be a target if you come across protestors.

Bottom line...

Don't worry about, come on down and enjoy yourself.


Jan 1, 2002
I did post a reply

Basically explained part of the "why" and ended by saying not to worry.


PS I am not a prophet, nor an evangelist....hehehe


Oct 21, 2002
No Worries!

Don't worry about any of this stuff and come on down. As a tourist, you'll not be affected by any of this stuff. We live here, and get to drive into, or go to some places that no self-respecting tourist will even find, so, it is good for us to know what is happening.

The country could burst into flames, and yet, all of us will protect the tourists so that they can have a great holiday and a great time.. Really, don't worry.

PS. I'm not in the tourist industry...


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Jul 8, 2003
best - get a good taxi

I learned a good taxi is worth finding and waiting for when he is late. ;-} The taxi guy can ask questions at street corners. Knows where to go and where not to go.
Meanwhile my friends in fancy hotels, could not see beyond the garbage, in the streets. "que lastima" I can only see the beauty. I hope they see the garbage at home when they return. I had a great time.
Star wars had DR in mind when they invented Dagoba planet.


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Jun 7, 2003
Chris,Rob and Hillbilly

Thanks for your reassuring responses. I am not a new traveller to the DR, but as I stated before there has been a Time Gap since my last visit. As I responded in my other post, it will be as I expected, and have experienced many time in the past, and I have no intentions of changing my plans due to a few demonstrations. I was most concerned with putting this present situation in perspective. I have been anxiously awaiting and planning my "return to paradise" and intend to continue to develop some buisness and personal plans in the DR, now that time allows. Thanks for your help and please continue provide candid replies to all questions asked, they are greatly appreciated.

note: Sorry I wont be able to get my usual copy of the Santo Domingo News I grew acustomed to, guess I will have to bring my laptop and cellular modem poolside.

PS. Hillbilly, sorry about the biblical reference just trying to show respect which, according to all regulars, you deserve.