Conserving Energy


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Jan 28, 2003
A couple of questions about conserving energy in the DR. Is it worth it to shut off your hot water heater at night or does it take just as much energy to reheat the water again in the morning?
Would I save a lot of energy by hang drying my clothes and not using the electric dryer?
Any other tips? My electric bill keeps going up. I don't run air conditioners, one fan at night.


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Dec 9, 2002
The reply for to your first question depends on the heater. I find that leaving the water heater on for just 15 mins or less gives enough hot water for a couple of showers, even later on in the day.

Definitely hang-dry your clothes. Electric dryers use a lot of energy and sunshine is free! If it looks like it's going to rain hang them under a shelter, they will still dry within the day.

Although much of the electricity companies billing can appear random, we have found that by doing the following we have managed to keep bills down to under RD$500 a month the following way:

Low energy lightbulbs everywhere
Only use a/c during hottest summer months
No lights left on all night
Fans on only when people are in the room

The family who lived here before used to pay about three thousand pesos a month. They would run a/c all year round, had no low-energy lightbulbs and would leave about 6 lights blazing all night.

Low energy lightbulbs are more expensive but they are supposed to last longer and appear to help reduce electric consumption.