Container Shipping


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Aug 21, 2012
First and foremost, long time reader (year plus) and lurker and just registered. Kudos for such an informative and great site!

Ok down to business.

1. Im the son of a dominican but at the moment not going to seek residency, I am going to live in the Santo Domingo and Im going to send a 20 Foot container with household goods. Again Im not going to do the whole seek resendicy and send a free (well semi free) container.

It is everything needed for a house plus some luxuries not common to DR (Washer, Drier, My 60in TV). If I had to put a price on the total amount going into the container, I would say 9-10k.

How much are they going to charge me more or less. I know and have read that there is no rhyme or reason on their taxing, but a ballpark is what Im looking for.

2. Does anyone have a contact on a shipping door to door service. The only place Ive gotten a quote is 4k, from my house to the Port Caucedo. The lady said I take care of everything else from there, Im looking for a package deal if there is such a thing.

Thanks Guys, Im sure I will think of 3-4 more questions the moment I hit post. :classic:


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Nov 18, 2002
As son of a Dominican (thus being Dominican) I suppose you are entitled to the once in your life import household items to DR. I am not sure if and how that works if you haven't lived here and if you don't have your Dominican status worked out, but I guess it's worth considering. You / your Dominican parent can request transcription of your birth certificate so you won't need to apply for residence and once done I assume you have the right to import once duty free.

I moved myself from Holland to Santo Domingo with a 20ft container and paid 6500 euros door to door but had to pay about USD1000 in Demurrage at the port due to the fact that customs is kind of slow in the process of the duty exemption. While that's out of control of the moving company they wouldn't include that in a package deal. If you would prefer to move without first finding out about duty exemption no moving company would include the duty in the package either while that's out of their control also.