Contamination of Dominican Beaches in Bocachica/Guayacanes/JuanDolio


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Oct 17, 2015
Ecoman1949: Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words.
Your welcome. Environmental impact assessment work was part of my work with Environment Canada, as well as emergency response to spills and environmental enforcement. I met the government environmental agent in Luperon and discussed many things with him. He is frustrated by the lack of regulations and lack of political will to enforce the few laws the DR has to control pollution. He was amazed at the enforcement powers we have in Canada. The DR is my winter home. I like the DR, it’s people, culture, and climate, and I know many of the North Coast beaches well. I spend a lot of time exploring them. My favourite area is Luperon to Monti Christi.
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Dec 12, 2006
The mayor of San Pedro is making serious efforts to clean up the municipality.

He is also spending a fortune on an “SPM 0.23” sign upon entry to the city from the east, as well as murals of famous locals. Lots of ballplayers, Juan Luis Guerra, Vakero, among others, mostly all men.

He also started to talk about the restoration of various historical buildings.

It’s all targeting tourism of course, but his overall approach seems too disjointed to me. Whether he’s aiming at foreigners or locals, whether he thinks his massive sign will be a major draw, or if anything comes of it all remains to be seen.

I am sure costs will be double what actually comes out of it. But their pockets will grow and the world will turn.
What is “0.23”?


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Aug 18, 2007
My husband says it’s a like a municipal code? It’s apparently a number that appears on cédulas and drivers licenses to determine municipality of origin.
Yes, I am proudly serie -31.

First three number of your cédula identify the location where yuor ID was planning issued.



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Dec 7, 2020
Politur should get involved in conjunction with environmental agencies to stop the illegal sale of gasoline and diesel in the touristic areas Juan dolio …los bancos de arena and boca chica.
Corrupted officials are ruining the water near the shore allowing oil spill and fuel spills thus contaminating the beach…..
What a shame.