Coolest KID EVER!


Has left the building...
Feb 7, 2006
Okay, before you people (you know who you are) start asking what's a 2-year-old doing up so late, thus blaming his "bad" parents, engage your imagination.

(liberals, you're okay, just go straight to the link, the points below are for black/white thinkers and gun owners and type-A personalities (double-redundant, I know))

1. Maybe his parents TIVO the show
2. Maybe he watches re-runs at an ealier time
3. Maybe his parents taught him to say it
4. Maybe he was born knowing
5. Maybe the dog did it
6. Maybe one of his older brothers
7. Cousins?
8. Babysitter?
9. Friends of the family?
10. Nothing's wrong with staying up late

YouTube - The Colbert Kid