Coraapplata at it again. Sewer?


On Vacation!
Mar 6, 2003
We received an extra bill from them this month for sewer service. Not only for the month but for the past several months. Two properties: $490. and $245. for the month, we can not tell which propery is what. Adding in the past due: $2,940.

They tried this at the beginning of the year and we, and just about everyone around us, refusses to pay and they at the office agreed.

1. We do not have sewer service.
2. One property has no buildings.
3. The closest we could hook up to (if it worked) is over 100 meters from our house.
4. Corrapplata does not have a working system anywhere in our area. (Playa Chiquita)
5. Sh!t runs down hill. (Pumping stations? Power for them? Naaaa.) My house would be the last on the line and down hill on the old, broken, trash filled, covers missing system that won't hold sh!t anyway.

IF they ever decide to rebuild the system... I guess that all our newly paved roads will have to be redone not to mention that major job of connecting from our septic to their system. All at our expense. But then the pumps will fail and I'll start my our sh!t collecting company.

Not time for the Laywers yet. Let's see what happen.