Coronavirus Covid-19 Bulletin #257/ 30 November 2020


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Public Health’s Epidemiology Department Coronavirus Bulletin #257 reports 314 new PCR confirmed cases. The 7-day nationwide average for PCR confirmed cases is 743.

Some 2,070 first PCR tests were carried out in time for the Monday, 30 November 2020 report deadline. The 14-day average is 4,703. The country can process 10,000 PCR tests a day.

The 4-week positivity rate is 12.47%, again up slightly. The 24-hour positivity is 15.17%, down from 17% the previous day. The number of reported active cases is up again, but only by one case to 26,439 cases after weeks of increases.

The Ministry of Public Health Covid-19 team had been more aggressive in testing. The Ministry has set up more fixed stations and expanded testing services at public hospitals and places to catch the disease early. The Ministry has also undertaken corporate testing.

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