Coronavirus Covid-19 Bulletin #616/ 24 November 2021


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Public Health Coronavirus Bulletin #616 with the deadline of 24 November 2021 reports 759 new cases. The number of cases is back to the early start of the pandemic level. Bulletin #616 reports active Covid-19 cases are at 4,333, up 3 (+370) as the day before. The number of active cases is minimal when compared to the peak of 55,773 active cases registered in July 2021, and is evidence the vaccines are working.

With around 64% of the population vaccinated with least two doses of vaccine, and 77% with at least one dose, the fourth wave outbreak apparently is dissipating.

The most cases are in Greater Santo Domingo (the National District and Santo Domingo province) followed by Santiago, the country’s second largest city.

The national 4-week positivity rate for the 24 November 2021 Epidemiological Bulletin #616 is at 8.13%, down from...

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