Coronavirus Covid-19 Bulletin #661/ 8 January 2022


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Public Health Coronavirus Bulletin #661 with the deadline of 8 January 2022 reports 6,042 new cases, up only slightly over the previous day. The increase would seem to reflect a slowing of the impact of the new-to-country Omicron variant. At the same time, the death rate continues to drop and is now at 0.93%, one of the lowest in the Americas.

Bulletin #661 reports active Covid-19 cases are at 33,146, up significantly from the previous day, and a new high from the days of the third wave in 18 July 2021 (Bulletin #493). The number of active cases is still well below the peak of 55,773 active cases registered for the 5th of July 2021. With around 65% of the population vaccinated with least two doses of vaccine, and 78% with at least one dose, the population has successfully dealt with the Delta variant-dominating fourth wave outbreak. The Delta wave...

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william webster

Jan 16, 2009
read them in the report - at the end they list recent numbers

what we DO NOT know is the real number - just those tested and reported....
one family member tests- they all get it but are unreported.....