Coronavirus Covid-19 Bulletin #679/ 26 January 2022


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Public Health Coronavirus Bulletin #679 with the deadline of 26 January 2022 reports 2,929 new cases, up from the previous day (2,763 cases). At the same time, the death rate continues to drop and is now at 0.78%, one of the lowest in the Americas.

Ministry of Public Health director of Epidemiology, Dr. Ronald Skewes says the fifth wave with the Omicron variant has leveled off and active cases have been consistently dropping over the past 14 days. Nevertheless, there is concern that the long Altagracia-Duarte holiday four-day weekend may have served to spread the disease.

Meanwhile, the present trend is one of a significant decline in active cases. The sale of low cost antigen Covid-19 tests in pharmacies (RD$300) is expected to contribute to a further reduction in the spread as people can early on test at home.

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