Coronavirus Covid-19 Bulletin #754/ 11 April 2022


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Public Health Coronavirus Bulletin #754 with the deadline of 11 April 2022 reports 56 new cases. This is up from 14 on the previous day. The number of active cases is 119, up from 62 on the day before. For 27 consecutive days there have been no Covid-19 deaths reported. The death rate is at 0.76%, one of the lowest in the Americas.

For the past 17 days the number of cases has kept under 100 cases. The 56 new cases in Bulletin #754 compare to the 7-day nationwide average for confirmed cases that is 43, down from the previous 7-day average.

The national 4-week positivity rate for the 11 April 2022 Epidemiological Bulletin #754 is at 0.77%, down from the previous day. The 24-hour positivity for the day is 3.43%, up from the day before. Both stats maintain the low positivity trend.

As per Bulletin #754, with the deadline of 11 April 2022, the...

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