Coronavirus Covid-19 Bulletin 839/ 5 July 2022


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Feb 20, 2019

The number of Covid-19 cases for Bulletin #839 was 1,080, up from 967 on the previous day. This number compares to the 7-day nationwide average for confirmed lab-reported cases that is now 1,121, up from the previous day. Ronald Skewes, director of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Public Health says that in context the increase in cases with the new variants (BA.2.12.1, BA.4 and BA.5) are below the Omicron wave that occurred over the holidays. The new peak has not led to a significant surge in hospitalizations and ICU admissions.

The Ministry of Public Health recommends getting the third and fourth booster vaccines. The third booster is now highly recommended for children from 12 years now that there have been outbreaks in private and public schools.

The fourth booster is available for those 18 years and older. The fourth booster can be applied four months after the third booster. It is...

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