Corpses return of failed travelers


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Feb 20, 2019

On 6 January, five corpses of Dominicans who died in the Chiapas, Mexico smuggling trailer crash returned to the country on board a Mexican Air Force plane that landed at San Isidro Air Base. The men died in the crash on 9 December 2021. Their names: Raymin Brito Figuero, Wascar Pérez Vargas, Luis Alfredo Brito Báez, Ramón Benito Almonte Espinal and Luis Emilia Roa Chala.

The remains of the Dominicans were transferred by the Mexican authorities with the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and the Institute of Migration of Mexico. The Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Dominican Republic has arranged for the sending of the corpses for burial in their home towns.

Of the 16 Dominicans said to be involved in the tragedy, 11 died, three who were hospitalized have been released and two others are still missing. All the men were...

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