Corruption seemed to be the norm at Procurement Agency


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Feb 20, 2019

The PLD government instated dozens of laws and regulations to combat administrative corruption. Nevertheless, in government procurement loopholes and sheer negligence in complying with the laws and regulations were what prevailed, as Carlos Pimentel, the new director of the Procurement Agency (DGCP) reveals in an interview with El Dia.

Pimentel explains that complicity between private and public sectors degenerated in record levels of corruption. Pimentel explained that in any country there will be corruption, “but in our czse there was impunity and a high level of complicity between many sectors.” Pimentel remarked in the interview: “Those that have a long time in government say they had never seen such a level of cooperation.”

He spoke of the modality of camouflaging rental tenders as a way to lease public property to third parties. He also spoke of how the agency was an...

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