Cost of Living Santiago 2020-2021


One Dominican at a time, please!
May 15, 2003
Santiago de Los 30 Caballeros
City: Santiago
Area: Los Alamos
Dwelling: Penthouse
Type: Rental
Rent: $21,500
Dist: 5 bed/4 baths/KT/ 2LR/ 1DR/ balcony/ terrace /laundry area
Other: Tinaco/inverter
Area: not sure Mt2
Parking: 2 car assigned
Community type: Gated / Security/ Cistern/Inverter
HOA: $1,500
Elec Circuit: 24 hours circuit
Edenorte Bill Average: $4000 sometimes AC but 4 PC's almost 16 hours per day in use
Water Bill Average: $1,500
Cell Claro 2 phones: $5,000
Internet Fiber + Cable TV Claro: $4,700
Internet Altice mobile: $2,700
Bottled water 5gl: minimum 20+ a month @ $45 each $900
Food for 3 adult, 1 kid, 1 Toddler, 1 Infant: $50,000 plus minus
Car expenses: $8,000 comb gas
Car finance: $39,000 includes insurance full
Insurance ARS Palic Group insurance: $12,000
Dental: $7,500 month for various braces and their monthly service
Colegios: $12,000

Very good value for the penthouse rental!
Can’t find those deals so easy anymore.
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bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
Water is really not that expensive in the DR. Fees to municipality are high, so too residual water.

Take a look. The actual billing for each Cubic Meter M3 of water is only$138.00 RD Pesos.
Residual water charges are higher than they should be, not to mention added city hall fees.
Are you on water meters? Here in Jarabacoa it is a set price per house, and places like our school is estimated by how many toilets but is still a set price per month. For example my house is two separate houses with an apartment on the third floor- 650 per month, my MIL pays 125 per month.