Cost of schools on North Coast


Oct 9, 2005
We have friends who are considering moving to DR. He has been offered a position here. We were asked how much a private school costs on the North Coast. I'll tell you what I was told, don't know if its correct. International School, $600US per month Plus books, uniform, lunch, and extra. They have 2 kids. Is this right?


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Aug 6, 2005
Garden Kids school is close to the international school and is a little bit cheaper. The website is Garden Kids

I am officially a new teacher there starting this August!! It is a great school.


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Mar 4, 2006
Fee Structure

Okay, my two girls aged 2 and just turned 5 attend PreK-2 and Kindergarten at the International School. The Pre-Kinder hours are 8.15am to 12.30pm though some parents pay extra and keep their children in longer and Kindergarten hours are 8.15am till 2.50pm. I'll give the costs in dollars as PreK-2/Kinder.

There's a `one off' admission fee of 200/450 which is only payable once during your child's tenure at the school.

There's a yearly registration fee of 220/450 which is payable annually.

The fees for this coming year 06/07 work out at 3500/5350 including the annual registration fee. This would equate to 292/446 per month. This includes a consumable fee which covers the Maths, Science and English books which the children use. You need to provide construction paper, crayons, pencils, markers, etc.

You can pay the fees over 10 months starting in March i.e. 10 x 350/10 x 535first payment due by 30 March 2006 for the 2006/2007 school year.

If you pay the whole amount in one go you get a 5% discount.

If you had paid the whole amount before 30 March 2006 there was a special offer whereby the ontop of the 5% discount, the registration fee for this year was waived.

Cafeteria Fees for March were approx 54/78. They're payable quarterly in advance and vary slightly from month to month. This includes a mid morning snack such as cereal and drink or biscuits and drink, plus a hot lunch such as chicken, rice, veg and fruit or bolognese and veg etc. You're given a copy of the menu at the beginning of each month so you don't replicate their lunch for dinner....

The school T-shirts cost approx 6 dollars each. The uniform is grey or white t-shirt plus dark blue shorts or trousers. Children generally wear trainers. They're not meant to wear denim, but the school isn't too 'heavy' on uniform restrictions compared to other schools. I've bought all my children's school clothes very cheaply, which is just as well as they get covered in mud during playtime....

There are lots of extra curricular activities, some free, like the arts and crafts classes and some paid for such as karate.

My children love the school and I'm very happy with the teachers, the facilities, the standard of teaching and the information I receive on their progress. It's set in beautiful grounds and I have trouble getting my children to come home.....

There are other more reasonably priced local schools with very good reputations such as Garden Kids and The Learning Centre. The Garden Kids last year had registration fees of approx 152 dollars for pre-school/elementary plus 9 dollars for insurance and 24 dollars for psychologist test.... Then it cost 122 dollars per month for short school day from 7.55am to 12/1pm or 197 dollars for longer school day from 7.55am to 3pm using afternoon for homework etc. These costs are taken from paperwork I picked up from Garden Kids in Sept 06.

My older daughter did go to The Learning Centre for 3 months and that cost approx 250 for registration fee then 263 per month, but it was further away and the facilities weren't as good, though I was happy with the standard of teaching.

When your friends come tell them to remember to bring birth certificates and copies of vaccinations in particular as you will be unable to register without them at The International School. If you're from the UK, the red books they give you are acceptable. Hope this helps you.