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Apr 14, 2004
I would like to know how those of you, if any, who live in Costambar like it? Would you recommend buying a house in that area?


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Jun 10, 2004
When we first moved to the DR from Toronto we lived in Puerto Plata in a nice neighbourhood (for PP) but we did not like it at all...for many reason...and thought about packing our bags and going back to Canada.

We stuck in there and found this nice place called Costambar so we moved to an apart. there. It was a move up from Torre Alta but the problem was that we still felt unhappy with the whole move to the DR, even with the walks on the beach and the good weather...

When we started our biz in Sosua we thought we should move somewhere near work but we didn't want to go back to living in a place anything like PP so we put it off until one day we got a good deal on a house in Sosua and decided to move.

I will not go back to Costambar for any reason now that I know that you can live in a civilized community in the DR. I avoid Costambar like the plague.

Now, if you want to live in a place where all you see are old fat farts (sorry if you are one) with pros less then a quarter their age, drunks, wild street dogs (I was bitten and had to get rabies shots) and people shooting guns at all hours of the night then Costambar is the place for you!

All the best.

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Jun 27, 2004

............I would consider the source before listening to Toronto whatever he thinks he is..................... Check out how "thriving" his business is.......

There are many foreigners that live in Costambar and enjoy the area. IF you are problematic and like to cause problems like one "well known" now living in is NOT FOR YOU.

I'd contact some of the members of the board that live in Costambar privately for their opinions since I know most of them won't even waste their time replying to Toronto..........there are many that are wishing he "moved back to Canada"........ We can still hope though.

You can also "click" on a member's name to see all posts started by that person to "see" whether you should even consider their opinion or not.
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Jun 16, 2005
In general, Costambar is a really nice and quiet place to live (I write in general, I can't promise you won't have a noisy neighbour).
There's a nice beach, some bars and restaurents, no tourism or all-in resorts.
The people who live there, is a mix of europeans, americans and also dominicans.
The streets are quiet too, only people who live there, no motoconchos or guaguas.
On sundays a lot of people also dominicans go to the beach. It depends on you if you take this as positive or negative!
You do need a car, if you'd consider to move there, because for most things you might have to go to POP. (there are only some small markets)

If I had the money to buy a house in costambar, I would not be in doubt.