Court admits evidence of transactions incriminate defendants in Odebrecht case


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Feb 20, 2019

The First Collegiate Court of the National District accepted the testimony of witness Carmen Nadieska Alvarez de Maio, criminal investigations analyst at the Justice Department (Ministerio Publico). She presented evidence in financial documents of transactions and checks paid by companies owned by former Odebrecht commercial representative Angel Rondon Rijo to former senator Andres Bautista, and former National Hydraulic Institute director Juan Roberto Rodriguez and former senator Jesus (Chu) Vasquez. Vasquez is minister of Interior & Police in the Abinader administration.

The witness mentioned evidence on transactions carried out by the companies Consultores y Contratistas Conamsa, SRL, Lashan Corp, Arma SA, Hacienda Los Angeles SRL and Agente de Cambio Los Angeles.

Álvarez De Maio, at the request of the Justice Department, crosschecked the information...

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