Covid-19 kills 516, but “clerén” kills 203 this year in the Dominican Republic


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Feb 20, 2019

The Dominican Republic is alarmed by the daily announcement of the death toll of the coronavirus. There are 516 deaths so far this year from Covid-19. But more shocking is that 203 persons, or 40% of the coronavirus deaths, have passed away this year from drinking toxic alcoholic beverage known here as “cleren.” Beverages made from methanol continue to be sold clandestinely in the Dominican Republic.

The Ministry of Public Health says that as of Epidemiology Department statistics for 2 June 2020, there were 326 cases of methanol intoxication. Of these 35 are women and 291 men. Of these, 16 women died and 182 men. Public Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, during the 3 June 2020 press briefing on coronavirus, said that while Covid-19 has a lethality rate of 2.86% in the Dominican Republic, the lethality rate for clerén is 62% in men and 45% in women. Dr...
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