Covid-19 vaccination is a must, especially for those that are pregnant


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Feb 20, 2019

Too many pregnant women are falling seriously ill with Covid-19 in the Dominican Republic. The worse cases are women that have not been fully vaccinated. Medics say that for those that are fully vaccinated, if catching Covid-19, the case will be mild.

The Ministry of Public Health says women who get pregnant are of the most vulnerable.

The Ministry reports there have been 45 cases of pregnant woman who have died for Covid-19 this year. Most of these had not been vaccinated.

The Ministry explains that many women have been lax about seeing their doctor after the onset of the pandemic and when they get pregnant they have also unilaterally decided against getting vaccinated.

The government says that while protection against the virus is not 100%, vaccination decreases the likelihood of people falling ill with the disease and will most likely keep the pregnant woman out of the...

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