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Oct 21, 2002
In the last few months I've noticed a decrease in crimes reported on the board. Some days there a few months ago, I was moderating a number of different crime threads making the headlines daily. It surely feels like there has been a decrease as today's DR1 news reports .. Yes, yes, I know feelings are not proof of anything ;) So, what are the feelings out there? Have we all just got better at prevention, have I swallowed an additional happy pill by mistake, or is it a little quieter out there on the crime front?
[FONT=Verdana, Arial]12. Crime down
Interior and Police Minister Franklyn Almeyda says that crime rate is down. He said it has declined from 25.2 crimes per 100,000 inhabitants in 2004 to 20.2 crimes in the first seven months of the year. The Minister also announced that mixed patrols by military forces, at night, would increase, and that the Barrio Seguro program will be expanded to 10 neighborhoods in Santiago and 9 in the province of Santo Domingo. Almeyda says that the alcohol decree, limiting the sale of alcohol, will stay in place seeing as it has led to a decrease in crime. Almeyda added that the presence of the Auxiliary police on the streets would continue.
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Jan 9, 2005
Does it have to do with the closures of the bars and colmados selling beer/rum?
Quite possibly but with the economy not doing as well for those on the lower end of the scale I am surprised it hasn't gotten worse.


May 29, 2004
I've heard of only one instance of home robbery in Cabarete in the last 6 weeks or so. No mention was made of it on DR1 that I'm aware of.

Late night pickpocket last weekend on the beach that happened to a former co-worker of mine who was visiting from New York. Woman ran up to them baring her breasts as they were walking back to Viva Tangerine. They weren't interested, but apparently in her attempts to interest them, she managed to get all the pesos he had in his front pocket.

Other friends that live in a Dominican neighborhood near Cabarete East Condos have had two sleepless nights in the last 10 days and called the police to come around both times when they've had neighborhood dogs going crazy after midnight. Both times they & neighbors felt rather certain there were some people in the area that didn't belong there.

All in all, pretty quiet compared to the previous few months. Not that I can fathom how it's related, but this perceived lull in the crime rate pretty much coincided with the change to 3 a.m. closing times 7 nights per week here.

I've also seen and heard of no problems related to the 3 a.m. closing. Streets feel as safe in town in the morning hours as they ever have - which ain't bad.

Wow, maybe I took a happy pill, too.
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Tropical geek in Las Terrenas
Jan 1, 2002
I confirm that things have gotten a whole lot better in the Las Terrenas area...