Cruise leaving from SDQ, visa needed?


Jan 2, 2002
I was just on a Copa flight yesterday and there was an ad for a cruise leaving Colon Panama to cartagena and the ABC islands. It had big text saying no US Visa needed. I started looking at maybe taking the novia on a cruise in january as she has never been, and I haven't in 20 years or more.

Then I discovered MSC will have cruises leaving SDQ starting in november as well. That would save me two round trip flights to and from panama and the novia needing to get a visa to panama again. I know the last time they tried cruises leaving la capital some stupid dominicans messed t up for everyone by never reboarding the ship in Guadulupe I believe?

The novia has gotten visas to Brasil 3 times, panama, mexico, jamaica and peru. One would hope they would realize that if someone did not overstay in brasil or panama they won't want to live in guadalupe? lol