Cuba and Curaçao to play in the 2023 Caribbean Series


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Feb 20, 2019

Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, the Caribbean Professional Baseball Commissioner has cleared the participation of Cuba and Curaçao in the 65th edition of the Caribbean Series. This will be played in Caracas, Venezuela in February 2023.

He announced the Caribbean Series is open to the participation of winning teams of the winter professional baseball leagues in Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Cuba, Curacao and the Dominican Republic. This is the first time the Caribbean Series is expanded to include eight teams.

During the press conference, the president of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, and president of the Organizing Committee of the Caribbean Series, ” Serie del Caribe Gran Caracas 2023,” Guiseppe Palmisano spoke of how they are working tirelessly to mark a milestone in the Caribbean baseball competition.

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chico bill

May 6, 2016
Will the Castro family have another hissy-fit if they see a "Free-Cuba / Cuba Libre" sign and threaten to withdraw from the tournament again ?
But of course they likely won't permit those signs, since it is being played in Venezuela.
Expect to see "Down with USA" signs instead.