Cure for AIDS - fake or real?


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Jun 3, 2006
From the DR1 news: A cure for AIDS?

"A government medical commission plans to visit Dr. Jose Ramon Baez Acosta, a very well known medical figure, who claims to have cured 52 people of AIDS. The psychiatrist showed El Caribe reporters the names and personal I.D. numbers (cedulas) of the 52 patients, and said that 15 people were currently undergoing treatment. Public Health Minister Bautista Rojas Gomez said that the commission should apply true scientific rigor to the evaluation of Dr. Baez Acosta's claims. Dr. Enriquillo Matos, the president of the Dominican Medical Association (CMD) told reporters that the process to follow is to impose medical protocols and follow the results. While Dr. Baez Acosta has a long history of service to the country, this is the first report of such a momentous medical discovery."

What do you guys think? Can this possibly be real??? Does anyone know this doctor or anything about him? Or it maybe that those 52 people tested positive at some point in their life and the test was actually false positive :ermm: We can all have immune deficiency problems and test positive for HIV at one point or another - it has been proven already.
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