Current Housing Costs in the barrios

Soy Jeffrey

New member
May 11, 2008
hello folks,

can some of you tell me the CURRENT cost of a small studio/1 bdrm apartment in the areas NOT populated by the tourists, please.

in 2000 i lived in boca chica north across las americas at 3,000 pesos(1 bdrm)

in 2001 again boca chica 1 block south of las americas at 3,500 pesos(2 bdrm)

in 2002 in Moca (campo) 3,500 pesos (3 brdm/2bath home with all the fixings)

any area would be fine as i have not decided where i will live. i know of work in a few areas, and am leaning towards Santiago or Santo Domingo.

thank you,