D.R. community need your support...


Feb 27, 2004
Last Friday I was at a Rollins college basketball game in Orlando Fl and on half time a young lady maybe 18 or 19 years of age stood up and started talking about an event that changed her life in the D.R. this young lady was valient and when she spoke, you can here the pain and concern in her voice but when her words came out of her mouth it's as if hearing the voice of an angel!!...seriously I got to speak to her afterwards, and she told me about a project to help a group of people in
a small campo in D.R. and I told her I will spread the word out for her threw this forum. so please if all of you love D.R. and I know you do please give this humble website a look and do what you can to help this young lady in her mission, she is receiving reconition from the local press in the U.S. for her works in the D.R.people who are doing the job that these people do need our 100% support. anyway please go to www.fivestonesproject.org or get in touch with the beautiful Tessie Swope.. take care.