Danilo Medina is motivated by ADP election outcome and speaks to followers in San Cristobal


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Feb 20, 2019

Former President Danilo Medina made a rare appearance in public on 17 October 2021, during a swearing-in ceremony in San Cristóbal of new members to the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD). Medina had been keeping a very low profile since the party lost the 2020 election while anti-corruption prosecution has targeted several of his brothers and sisters as heads of a major corruption network that operated during his eight years in government. After the loss, a party convention named Medina the party president.

Medina was encouraged by the vote count that shows that Eduardo Hidalgo, who had the support of the PLD, is likely to win the presidency of the highly politicized Dominican Teachers Association, the public school teachers union. Deductions are made to school teachers that give the association a RD$400 million annual budget.

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