Deaf bookkeeper ....


On Vacation....
Nov 16, 2003
A mafioso found out his deaf bookkeeper was embezzling from him.

He was p!ssed and decided to confront his bookkeeper to get his money back. So, he showed up at the bookkeeper's house with a friend who knew sign language.

He immediately told his friend to ask the bookkeeper where the money was.

The bookkeeper replied that he knew nothing about any missing money.

When the mafioso's friend told him the bookkeeper claimed to know nothing, he took out his gun and pointed it at the bookkeeper head and told his friend to tell the bookkeeper that he was gonna blow his head off if he didn't reveal the location of the stolen money.

The bookkeeper knew the jig was up and said the money was buried in his cousin's backyard in Queens.

The mafioso asked his friend, "Did he tell you where the money is?"

His friend replied, "No, but he said you're a chicken". :dead: