Dengue alert continues


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Public Health continues to urge Dominicans to prevent the breeding of mosquitos and to avoid being bitten now that there is an outbreak in the country. The outbreak is attributed to the unusually hot and rainy months. The outbreak is expected to peak in September. Medics say preventive measures should be in place all year round. Moreover, the Ministry of Public Health urges people to see a doctor early to discard a dengue fever before the virus worsens. Symptoms of weakness and vomiting are signs that the person should be immediately taken to see a doctor.

This year, the virus has mostly affected children. Listin Diario reports that 53 children are hospitalized at the Robert Reid Cabral public hospital in southern Santo Domingo and another 78 at the Hugo Mendoza public hospital in northern Santo Domingo.

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