Deputy Health Minister Ivelisse Acosta: The outlook is good!


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Feb 20, 2019
Ivelisse Acosta / Acento

During the 14 October 2020 weekly press conference, Deputy Minister for Public Health Ivelisse Acosta announced the Covid-19 virus mitigation measures are working. She said with Covid-19 under control, the authorities are again focusing on seasonal diseases, such as dengue.

Dr Acosta said that regarding Covid-19, positivity has dropped to around 12% down from 30% at government change. And that only 20% of Covid-19 hospital beds are occupied. “The panorama is hopeful,” she said.

Nevertheless, she warned: “The virus is still with us!” She said that the challenge is that people not lower their guard and continue to comply with prevention actions. She said the economic recovery depends on keeping the disease under control. She acknowledged outbreaks abroad in countries that thought they had the disease under control.

“There is no other way to...

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